Last year I attended Coachella for the first time, awesome memories. This year, while there was/is lots of uncertainty, I will be attending. It seems to be a horrible waiting game till April rolls around and sitting  around waiting sucks. To keep my brain busy i created this database populated  by an excel spreadsheet with all the coachella performers’ name, genre, site link, etc…  I want to have a working app that list the database with search and sort functions displayed in a list. Each item on the list being clickable to get more artist info. Coachella Lineup right now is a list of all the performers each performer can be clicked to get more information like site link, you tube video and wikipedia page. I am now working on the menu and can see how a map of the grounds can easily be added to the equation. I am working on the rest of the features and will add time as a search and sort category when the set times get released. For now enjoy this monstrous list, it took a while to get together, and I’m sure ill be adding more info to each and every performer in the list.


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