A new idea has taken place and now we are seeing the first results.
Exemef Software is the venue by which I will grow and mature.

I’m playing around with the android SDK and things are starting to look not as chaotic as when I first opened “hello world!”. Java is a behemoth but I’m chipping away at it slowly, steady. I’ve chosen mathematics for my first project as it suites my tastes, clearly this app still serves a purpose. So, Exemef Software’s first release is Divvy Up. Certain items are cheaper when bought at higher amounts, sometimes it is better to buy things in a group.This little app takes the price and weight in pounds, ounces, or grams and divides it by the number of people in the group. I am using this simple app to learn the ins and outs of the android SDK, hopefully, my apps get more complex, or world famous, I’ll settle for that.

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