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Well i forget that this is the place i can fully explain what is going on with my app, let me try.

So listviews and android sqlite classes are cool, the learning curve there is pretty steep but well traveled and documented. I like this new buzz words like “programatically” which this word editor doesn’t recognize. This app is taking me to the edges, I’m not there yet but I see it. I am going to have to add saved list soon and i dread it as it probably means a rewrite somewhere. In the end though this is gonna be such a kick ass app, just with its usefulness, maybe i can get an artist to make it, exude demand.



Coachella Lineup 0.3

Keeps on chugging, this little thing(not so little, jumped from around 150kb to 2.4mb~ in size ) is looking nice. The code is there for the times and stages, i might mock some up to begin coding on the diagram.



Coachella Line Up 0.2

This project keeps getting more streamlined, easier to make changes to everything with less work.

I updated the look and layout, added icons for links and search and sort features.

I think it looks nicer 🙂

Now its its just waiting for the set times to be released, the data is ready to be inserted, a coachella forum member suggestion the really good idea of adding artists pics to the bios, i might start doing that in the mean time.

ill keep adding more stuff, as i see fit, enjoy!

market link

QR code to app on market

QR Code for Coachella Line Up


Coachella Line Up 0.1

Last year I attended Coachella for the first time, awesome memories. This year, while there was/is lots of uncertainty, I will be attending. It seems to be a horrible waiting game till April rolls around and sitting  around waiting sucks. To keep my brain busy i created this database populated  by an excel spreadsheet with all the coachella performers’ name, genre, site link, etc…  I want to have a working app that list the database with search and sort functions displayed in a list. Each item on the list being clickable to get more artist info. Coachella Lineup right now is a list of all the performers each performer can be clicked to get more information like site link, you tube video and wikipedia page. I am now working on the menu and can see how a map of the grounds can easily be added to the equation. I am working on the rest of the features and will add time as a search and sort category when the set times get released. For now enjoy this monstrous list, it took a while to get together, and I’m sure ill be adding more info to each and every performer in the list.


Android market Qr code


Divvy up 0.2 is out on the market. I fixed a small bug and completed the radio button functions. it’s pretty much done, its been done actually, i finished it the very next day but thought it’d be to soon for an update. It’s pretty much finished unless i want to add more features as learn more.

Birth of Exemef Software

A new idea has taken place and now we are seeing the first results.
Exemef Software is the venue by which I will grow and mature.

I’m playing around with the android SDK and things are starting to look not as chaotic as when I first opened “hello world!”. Java is a behemoth but I’m chipping away at it slowly, steady. I’ve chosen mathematics for my first project as it suites my tastes, clearly this app still serves a purpose. So, Exemef Software’s first release is Divvy Up. Certain items are cheaper when bought at higher amounts, sometimes it is better to buy things in a group.This little app takes the price and weight in pounds, ounces, or grams and divides it by the number of people in the group. I am using this simple app to learn the ins and outs of the android SDK, hopefully, my apps get more complex, or world famous, I’ll settle for that.

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